Libourne is Keynsham's twin town situated near to Bordeaux in South-West France. The choir in Libourne have visited Keynsham several times over the last 15 years and the orchestra have been to Libourne on four occasions in that time.

We stay with host families and have joint concerts at which we play both separately and jointly. 

The Orchestra was invited to Libourne in the week before Easter 2013. Once again, we were shown fabulous hospitality. Many of us stayed with host families and much effort was put in to ensure that we had a thoroughly enjoyable visit. The highlight was a joint concert with the Ensemble Choral de Libourne at the Chateau La Couspaude, Saint-Emilion on Wednesday 27th March 2013.

The Ensemble Choral de Libourne visited us in Keynsham in April 2015. The previous visit to us was in April 2007.